Lynx Foundation is an organization focused on the conservation of Biodiversity through various environmental projects, in order to recover substantially the flora, fauna and ecosystems nationally and internationally.


=> Perform practical, theoretical and scientific research actions to stop environmental degradation and substantially recover national and international biodiversity as well as natural protected areas, Natural Reserves and ecosystems that have been altered by man through pollution, the immoderate felling, the over-exploitation of wild species and all those actions that harm the environment.

=> Organize conferences, excursions, exhibitions, workshops and field practices with communication media, educational institutions and vulnerable groups to form a culture of respect towards biodiversity and ecosystems, with the aim that the human being lives in harmony with the nature and learn the importance of environmental conservation.

=> To recover substantially the national and international biodiversity as well as to protect and conserve those species of flora and fauna that are in danger of extinction or that are threatened by the human being.

=> Preserve roptected natural areas and promote the creation of them, heal and protect the ecosystems that are most degraded through recovery projects using reforestation techniques and reintroduce native species to them.

=> Create a culture of respect for biodiversity by informing on the importance of its conservation for nature, ecosystems and for the human being.


=> Carry out excursions, camps and guided tours in places dedicated to environmental conservation such as natural protected areas, zoos, national parks, aquariums, natural reserves and environmental conservation centers where nature can be appreciated in a more direct way to raise awareness to vulnerable groups and the public in general.

=> Help to conserve the protected natural areas and the biodiversity that lives in them of all those human actions such as poaching, illegal logging, immoderate logging, agriculture, livestock, pollution and helping to create sources of income for surrounding communities through ecotourism and sustainable development.

=> Raise awareness in the populations close to the protected natural areas, so that people learn the importance they have to be shelters for biodiversity and for the conservation of ecosystems.

=> Help protect and conserve the tlalpan forest protected natural area by promoting environmental awareness in visitors and environmental education activities, as well as creating and disseminating environmental projects to conserve the biodiversity that inhabits this place.

=> Carry out conferences and informative talks with various educational institutions in order that the young students of the different school levels learn more about the importance of biodiversity and the conservation of ecosystems.

=> Carry out scientific and experimental research projects to recover substantially native species of Mexico that are threatened or in danger of extinction, as well as preserve those that are not. conduct scientific and experimental research projects to recover substantially international species that are threatened or in danger of extinction.

=> Promote ecotourism activities and camps in order to inform the importance of ecosystems, protected natural areas and sustainable development.

=> Reduce the impact of man on nature through information campaigns on sustainable development and moderate use of natural resources.

=> Inform through the media about the situation of diverse species and ecosystems that are degraded or endangered, as well as conservation projects of other national and international institutions.

=> Pressuring government institutions to take actions in favor of the conservation of ecosystems and the biodiversity of our country.

=> Report to the authorities those institutions, individuals or corporations and political parties that promote actions that negatively affect the environment, the protected matural areas, nature and biodiversity.

=> Carry out wildlife rescue and rehabilitation projects in collaboration with various private and / or governmental institutions with the aim of protecting those species that are in danger of being cited, threatened and / or in a vulnerable state. carry out conservation medicine projects in collaboration with various public and / or governmental institutions to ensure the health of the ecosystems and the human being.